369 Prediction Blog

Hi Guys!! Miraka here again! I was creaming my head off when I read the latest chapter today!! It was Very good!!!! Cry..!!My favourite part was when Gajeel, Juvia, Gray,and Natsu came out. OMG!!!!! Gray is soooooooooo hot!!!!! I love him! So on to the question. Did you guys ever wondered what the relationship between Gray and Silver is? I was wondering it I think every single day!! Well, when I went to kind of the last 2-3 chapters, I saw Gray stopping Silvers ice!! SO when I turned to the last page, I saw that the next chapter is called Tartaros Arc: Part 3 - Son and Father!! What did you felt when you heard this? What did you guys predict?

I predict that Gajeel, Juvia, Gray, and Natsu goes with different enemys and fight in seperate places. Than Silver will tell him his past and why didn`t he die at the Deliora event when Gray was little. And then, Silver will tell that he was the one who was controlling Deliora. Then, Gray`sgoing to get mad then, the real fight is going to start.

So what is your prediction? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me!!!!!!!!


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