Hi Guys!! Miraka here! So you guys know that the on of Fairy Tail`s chapter came out today(for me). I was superrrrrrrrrr sad when Lucy broke Aquarius`s key!! I thought to my self, wasn`t there another way to summon the Spirit king? well, lets go on the real question. What do you guys think will happen to the fight between the Spirit King and The King Of Hades?. Who do you guys think will win? I want to place my bet on the Spirit King but there is a 70% chance of him losing for me since I think Natsu is the only one who can beat The King Of Hades.

I predict that the Spirit King will start the fight. I think they have something in the past where they are connected because on chapter 384, they knew both of there names when they actually don`t come out in the Fairy Tail world. I think that the fight won`t last very long since The King Of Hades can use death magic as what Mashima Hiro said. I also think that Natsu and the others are free since the Spirit King cut the cube in pieces. It is not shown though so there is only 30 % of a possibility that my predictions are going to be right. After the end, I think ( this is really my imagination though..) that Silver and Grays going to meet( I wish they do :3!!) and start a fight. Or Wendy and Carla is going to find them self in Doranbolt`s arm.

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me!!!!!!!! Smiles


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