Hey there, folks!
I usually don't like creating blog posts, but I really want to hear what you guys think about my favourite character's (Mira <3) new Take Over.
She said that after FT's battle against Tartaros, "there were plenty of souls ripe for the taking", and so she devoured them all. And yet, the Take Over is named after a spell of Mard Geer. What does that means? Does it means that she devoured a little bit of soul and power of every single Demon of Tartaros, including Cube? Will she be able to cast all of that curses - including Mard Geer's - like Bradman? That's quite fair, since she said this Take Over consumes a lot of Magic Power. If that proves to be true, then this Take Over would be far more powerful than Sitri, and Majin Mirajane could have her former glory re-established and be again on par with Erza Scarlet.
What do you guys think? Old abilities from Tartaros members or new abilities yet unknown for us?
Please share your thoughts!

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