WOOOO! 2013 is here~! Here comes another year for Fairytail Wikia ! Hopefully this year doesnt have as much vandel as last year. And let's make it a blasted New Year full of fun, Happiness , love and Icecream.(。・ω・。) So right when it Hits 12 GET YOUR PARTY ON~! Dont forget to keep watching Fairytail and keep up with the edits :D. Hopefully this wiki wouldnt be as crazy as last year O_O the first day i came was the best I love wikia and im ready to start a new year with FT wikia ALL HAIL 2013~!! CYA 2012!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Best video ever Graphics-kawaii-065162.gif

Party-hard-gif_%281%29.gif ALL HAIL 2013~!!!!! Graphics-kawaii-796209.gif

Graphics-kawaii-680788.gif HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!!! Graphics-kawaii-680788.gif


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