Basically i'm vietnamese but i live in england therefore I play piano, cause you know, Asian. I like to draw :) I get along with most people especially if i can have a laugh with them and abuse the shit out of them as a joke ya feel. I don't actually say ya feel. I hope that didn't put you off.

Fairy Tail is what got me back into anime after i stopped watching properly for a few years, I can't really remember how I found it but I know it was on youtubee :D It's probably one of my favourite animes and i was actually devastated when it stopped airing but ya know life goes on. My favourite character is probably Gajeel because he's a great singer like me.

I discovered the fairy tail wikia page when I was looking something up for a fanfiction i'm currently writing~ Joined the chat cause I thought why not.

I remember when Fin proposed to me. He actually forced the marriage upon me thinking i would run away scared but he thought wrong, I dominated him and often get him to make me food. I am now his queen and i often punish him for canoodling with other men, i also caught him fapping to boku no pico 3 times. I have never caught him with a women and I doubt i ever will.

I hope we can all be friends as i am new to thiss, I pray for you all that your lives will not turn out like Fintin's :D

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