Hello everybody, this is your favorite person in this wiki the one and only mejiaj1 or meji. Since the spirit of Halloween is coming up this Friday. I wanted to just create a blog about it. So now my question for you all, what will you dress up for Halloween? or if you had the opportunity who would you dress up as? What are you guys doing for Halloween? and if you had the opportunity to dress your fellow wiki members what would their costumes will be?

My answer to this question would be the following: Well for Halloween I am dressing as Brendan from Pokemon, my plans for Halloween is to hang out with friends at a Halloween Party at my college. For wiki Members this is the following:


Godism: Aizen

Mega: Onions

Carrot: Carrot( see what I did there)

Wrath: Joker from batman

MDM: As Chaos dream husband

Chaos: as a cat

Ultra: As a pencil

Kuro: Itachi

Jess: Erza (just cause)

Fin: As a jail warden

Tristan: as the creeper

Glass: As glass

Fleet: As a bane from seven deadly sins

Sada: as a kitten :)


Umy:As juvia

So that's my list so what are your answers to these questions :D

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