We are here to talk about today marriage bewteen toriko and Fintin

Godisme:Dearly beloved, we are here today to join Fin and Toriko in holy matrimony Toriko: >_>

Glass Heart And I declare Toriko to be your new husband/wife.

Godisme: Fin, do you take Toriko to be your lawfully wedded husband? You do? Good


Mej: i am witness of this marrige :D

Toriko:  :|

Godisme: Toriko, do you take Fin to be your lawfully wedded husband? You do? Good

Toriko: Ichigo strawberry kurosaki strangles God

Chaos: We pronounce you two Husband and Husband.

Toriko: NO

Godisme: You may now kiss your husband

Chaos: Go kiss eachother so we can have another wiki couble.

  • couple*.

Fintin: *punches the fuck out of toriko*

Glass Heart: *smashes their foreheads together*

Glass Heart: They've kissed.

Toriko: You went to far God

Glass Heart: Just barely, but still.

Godisme Fin you better kiss him or Glass will pull on your chains

Remnant13 Personified Sylveon (OMG)

Mej: i shipp it

Glass Heart: They are married!

Fintin: Ok, divorce papers now. NOW.

Glass Heart: Nope. No divorce papers. You two must be married for at least six months

Chaos: If you can beat Gim(godisme) in a pokemon battle, the marriage is annulled.

Fintin: Hory shet uh

The End

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