Hey everybody didn't this until i went to my talk page but its been one year since I been in this wiki :) But anyways I can say that so far this wiki have been amazing, right now i stand out at 149 edits not so bad for one year of commenting in blogs. The User in this wiki have been in amazing and funny such as uncle godism, jess,Mega(thanks for the help), Wrath, Carrot(big sis), MDM(big bro), Umnei, Chaos(i want to know your gender), Rem, choko,Ftgm, st, tOSHI, Uncle/Master Hungry, Fairyof light, Rifatmfaid, Raul, Uncle Rai and the rest of the user :) This wiki have everything that wiki should have drama, marriage,divorce, pervs, pokemon(and also the pokemon wi fi battle), and the fun that a wiki should have. Also in honor of this event(with mega help) i created my own i support Mejiaj1 badge

100px-4938779.png This user supports Mejiaj1.

thank you for having me on this wiki, can't wait for another year of more fun

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