Toshi:Friends, Enemies, Boytoys! We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Kuropi and Meg! If anyone has any objections, speak now or forever hold your piece

Mej:......... silence

Carrot:I object


Carrot:( ^__^)

Toshi:You no object in mah wedding!

Kuro:I'm ready. ✿♥‿♥✿

Toshi:Get out! >:(

Fleet:Gods church accepts no objections

Toshi:*Shoves Carrot outside of the Toshi Chapel*

                     ToshiroFanGirl has been kicked by TheCarrotSaysYumYum


                             KuroAshi98 has been kicked by Omega natsu2.

Carrot:Now we have no priest \( .__.)/


Sunbrown:HAHAHA nice :P

Carrot:Or a hubby ;D

Kuro:Mega and I made contact! (heart)


Sunbrown:lovely tag-team by Carry and Mega ^_^

Kuro:Skin-on-skin is all that was needed my sweet. ;)

Toshi:Kuropi, do you take Meg to be your wife, to have and to hold, to love and to abuse, and to abuse for all time?

Kuro:And you did admirably. :3 You know how I like it. ;) I do~!!

Toshi:And Meg, do you take Kuropi to be your husband, to have and to hold, to love and to serve, and to take sneaky shots of in the shower which you can send to Toshi for all time?


Carrot:Meg.... What say we block the priest? >:)

Fleet:Aint saying no

Toshi:Nooo! D:

Kuro:Silence is golden.

Sunbrown:yay :P

Kuro:Just like the rings! \o/ It's sealed. :3

Fallen:You have another wedding to do Toshi :3

Toshi:*Imitates Mega* Yes Okay!

Carrot:My cat can't get in her flap... Brb

Toshi:*Presents the rings* You may now wear these rings

Mej:best wedding ever! :)

Sunbrown:-such a dodgy wedding-

Kuro:Omg... I'm so happy :')

Toshi:(I can't believe Carrot would want to block me ;a;)

The wedding ends

The new couple will now be name
MegaKuro Hearts This user supports the user marriage Muro.

and also have a awesome wedding Kuro and Mega :)

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