Hey everybody its Meji here :D So right now Christmas is among us in 4 days from now, as everybody in this wiki knows. So in the spirit of the holidays season and since everybody here is pretty much are like family ^_^ I decided to ask all of you guys:

If you had the opportunity of giving some of the users presents what would it be?

Have you been Naughty or nice this year?

What was your favorite Christmas gift that you had in the past?

For me if i were to give some of users presents, first i would give:

Uncle Rai: Some exercising videos, so he can lose some weight ^_^

Uncle Hungry: socks, since he does his business in them <_<

Carrot: A Jella doll as well a poster ^_^

Ultra: probably a picture of jess or carrot

Fairyoflight: My heart and a necklace

Umnei: probably a Juvia poster

Jess: A exclusive Ultraprime plushie

Reli: Some tacos

big bro MDM: Momonsuke target practice set, and a robin doll

Brother Tristian: A Sasuke doll,Erza and a Wendy Doll(for his pedophile needs)

Nucky: Some Maple Syrup

Glass:a goomy sweater(Goomyism!!)

For the second question, I have been very nice this year, Naughty a few times but still nice:D

For the third question, My favorite presents that I had was when I was 12 years old and my uncle got a DS lite with Pokemon Diamond Version.

So guys answer the questions and I wish you guys HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!! and Merry Christmas!!!! ^_^

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