Hey everybody its me meji here

NUcky:what do you want now Moilet? <_<

Nucky go have fun with ichi, he has been waiting for hours


Anyways so today at school I was curious of about Fairy Tail wiki and Halloween,like since halloween is now 3 days away what are your plans for this years 2013 for halloween? What were favorite time in halloween?

For Example, my plans for this year halloween to watch the entire Thriller Bark arc in One Piece(since i can't leave my house during halloween due to my mom) and my favorite yet not so favorite time in halloween was last year, i went out with some friends to eat at Olive garden (which was fun)after trick or treating.Then when we were wallking home some college students threw eggs at us and I was mad at first but then all my friends as well as I started laughing and the rest of the night was fun :D


Happy Halloween Fairy Tail Wiki

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