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  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is Chef
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  • Mejiaj1

    2015 New years resolutions FT

    December 31, 2014 by Mejiaj1

    Well hello everybody is Meji since I am really bored right now and New Years is right around the corner I decided to create a blog about mine and as well as everybody else New Years resolutions. They don't have to be serious, you can be funny and or creative as possible. So start typing your resolutions for this year 2015 and hope that everybody in the wiki have a Happy New Year :D

    Meji's New Resolutions 1.To be better at grammar

    2.Get at job working for Disney Hotels in the summer

    3.Approve on cooking skills

    4. Get a girlfriend

    5. hopefully Chaos and MDM's love grows stronger than last year :D

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  • Mejiaj1

    Hello everybody, this is your favorite person in this wiki the one and only mejiaj1 or meji. Since the spirit of Halloween is coming up this Friday. I wanted to just create a blog about it. So now my question for you all, what will you dress up for Halloween? or if you had the opportunity who would you dress up as? What are you guys doing for Halloween? and if you had the opportunity to dress your fellow wiki members what would their costumes will be?

    My answer to this question would be the following: Well for Halloween I am dressing as Brendan from Pokemon, my plans for Halloween is to hang out with friends at a Halloween Party at my college. For wiki Members this is the following:


    Godism: Aizen

    Mega: Onions

    Carrot: Carrot( see what I…

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  • Mejiaj1

    Hey everybody its Meji here :D So right now Christmas is among us in 4 days from now, as everybody in this wiki knows. So in the spirit of the holidays season and since everybody here is pretty much are like family ^_^ I decided to ask all of you guys:

    If you had the opportunity of giving some of the users presents what would it be?

    Have you been Naughty or nice this year?

    What was your favorite Christmas gift that you had in the past?

    For me if i were to give some of users presents, first i would give:

    Uncle Rai: Some exercising videos, so he can lose some weight ^_^

    Uncle Hungry: socks, since he does his business in them

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  • Mejiaj1

    Hey everybody its me meji here

    NUcky:what do you want now Moilet?

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  • Mejiaj1

    Meji questions

    October 7, 2013 by Mejiaj1

    Hey everybody it me meji, i know that i stand out as a weird guy(yes i know) so i decide that anyone(yes include you nucky and fin) can ask me a total of four question about, it could be either be anime,manga,things about myself, anything you want except for religion and one sex question per person

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