Erza Scarlet is getting Stronger . I hope she activate some of her strong armor. She is my First Favorite Character since Erigor was the Villain . My favorite Armor of her is , Purgatory Armor and Fairy Armor .. When Erza Blocked the Jupiter Cannon , I was shocked that she did it !! Erza's past story is so sad , her friend Jellal was possessed by Zeref's Soul , so erza don't know what to do .. She was always Crying when she joined Fairy Tail , I was chilled when gray talk to her .. Why did she always by herself ?

Mirajane is the Older sister of Elfman and Lisanna , at first , i didn't know that she was an S-Class Wizard , until i heard Cana said that Mira was a S Class Wizard .I love Mira's Past Story . Lisanna was died because of Elfman's Take Over Possession . Lisanna was Smashed by the Beast (Elfman) , Mira was weaken when she saw Lisanna Dying. Mira is always worried to elfman , because mira don't want to disappear her younger brother too . When Mira Saw and Heard that Freed will kill Elfman , Mira got awkward , and thinking about Lisanna's Death , she don't want to happen that again , That's why she will protect her younger brother .. She Activated her Take Over " Satan Soul " , when the first time i saw Mira's take over , i was trembling in fear , her face and her personality is not the Same Mira that i know . when Natsu , gajeel , erza , lucy , happy ,wendy , carla ,and gray came back from edolas, They had also included lisanna . When Lisanna Faced Her real brother and Sister at the church , i felt goosebumps and i was cried !!! i feel so happy with those siblings . She is my 2nd favorite Character in Fairy Tail .

Mystogan , the Prince of Edolas . . The first time i saw him , i thought i will sleep too , because the guild goes sleep when mystogan enter the Guild to take a Job . Mystogan is an S Class Until now , But he is not already active by now , because he is in edolas. When I Watched the episode that mystogan fought Laxus, i enjoyed watching !! HAHA !! The Two Monsterous people in Fairy Tail was Fighting. He is my 3rd Favorite Character in Fairy tail . But , i always thinking ... will he come back when Fairy tail Needs Help ? or he will stay in edolas Forever ?

Laxus Dreyar, The GrandSon of Master Makarov . he Is Powerful than those 3 S-Class Wizards , He is a 2nd Generation Dragon Slayer . I hate him so much at the first time i saw him in Galuna island Arc and Phantom Lord Arc . He is So Selfish . His personality is so different now and before , when he was a kid , he wanted to join the Fairy Tail Guild, little laxus was sweet and good . But now .. He is like a Villain of Fairy tail..

--  Sometimes , i want to see S-Class Wizards in the SS-Quest Helping each other . i hope Mr. Hiro mashima create an Episode about S-Class Mages in SS Quest without Gildarts .. Hehehe !! 
-- Sorry about the wrong grammars and Words . and i know u bored about my blog . its fine to me .. #FairyTailTheBest !!

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