• MarineroLelouch

    Hey,so I got bored and I decided to rank the power levels of FT characters.I got the tier name lists and summaries from a friend at a forum.

    What do you guys think?

    The Peak of Perfection. 'No rival under heaven'. Generally invincible, with the reputation of causing worth shattering events. Powers are rooted in the essence of magic itself and/or represents the limit of magical potential.Known as deities.

    Acnologia Zeref

    Leaders, generals, or people with a position of leadership via power of World Class characters. Powers are largely unrivalled. They are the monsters among monster.

    Igneel (and any other possible Dragon Kings) E.N.D Ancient Dragon Slayers (they defeated Dragons. A feat rivaled only by Acnologia.)

    Actions have lasting ramifications…

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