Just bought the Taiwan edition of Fairy Tail Volume 32 by Tong Li. Since Chinese is my mother tongue, I can read it with no difficulty (Oh I can imagine how you guys are envying me now, lol KC USA publishes manga so slowly...). And what I want to give now is some important information shown on the inner cover and back of this volume, which is a sketch by Mashima.

Here is the affirmed information of Mashima's original plan the sketch showed:

1. A member of Mermaid Heel was an ex-girlfriend of Hibiki - and was to be defeated by Hibiki on the first day. (Not quite surprising since it's Hibiki... I guess it should be Arania Web.)

2. Laxus has the same level of strength with Jura, if they battle it would be a draw. (Kinda surprising, seems that many have underestimated Laxus' power.)

3. Mashima tends to portray the Lyon/Gray/Juvia love triangle delicately. (Well, someone has once promised that there would be no love triangle in FT...)

4. Erza has a close bond with guild Mermaid Heel. (Not only Kagura and Millianna?!)

5. Team Raven Tail was to remain until the last day, and battle with Gajeel, Mirajane and Juvia. Laxus would fight Orga. The four-dragon battle was also planned to be involved on the last day.

6. The appearance of Sho, Wally and Grimoire Heart in this arc was turned down by Mashima.

7. The real target of a gang seemingly aiming at Wendy is actually Carla.

And here is some vague, elusive information given by the sketch ("XXX"s refer to the words erased):

1. "Crime Sorcière - Mysterious mana - Farewell to with Jellal - The City Castle of Mercury crumbles"

2. "The thoughts hidden within a song, unable to meet Natsu"

3. "Meets Lector - Teardrops" (probably referring to Sting and Lector's first encounter)

4. "The king didn't know Lucy XXXXXXXX Arca XXXXX"

5. "Lumen Histoire - the so-called XXXXXXXX sacrificial rite, is only all about XXXXXXXXXXX"

6. A picture of Zeref commanding Lucy to kneel before him as Lucy sobbed.

(Thanks to Chaos for the correction)

As hard as always to write something. Wish I have studied English better, lol.

Comments are always welcome.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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