Well, I have to say that those dirty butt rollers really annoy me the first time they appear, and when they appear the second time, especially when they knock Erza down with their butts, I was so disgusted that it almost kept me from seeing animes anymore- not just Fairy Tail! I know they appear also in Rave Master, but they weren't so disgusting there.

I'm not the only one loathing them, for they obviously caused large disgust among fans in my most recently visited forum. For example, after Minerva abused Lucy, she became loathed among fans widely. However, in a poll recently held by our forum- "Which one do you hate more, Minerva or the Jiggle Butt Gang?", only about 10 percent choose Minerva.

So what's your attitude towards them? As far as I'm concerned, I loathe them so much that I could hardly be rational facing them. If FT members abuse Minerva sadistically like what she did to Lucy, I'll think: "What a shame it is that human could became bitches after being bitten by a bitch!" But if FT members treat the Jiggle Butt Gang like what Minerva did to Lucy, I'll think: "Go, FT, go! Beat those f-ing dirty ass rollers to the bottom of the hell!!!"

Marco the Marine Admiral (talk) 08:53, July 17, 2012 (UTC)

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