Well, I can't believe that Sabertooth were still provoking Fairy Tail after stomping Lucy. I've no hope for the two morons Sting and Minerva, but Rufus and Orga really disappoint me so much that I'm considering whether to delete them from my supporting badges.

As I have predicted, Team FTA and FTB makes up a new Fairy Tail Team this day- Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel and Laxus. Wait a minute!!! Why no Mirajane? That's truly unbelievable!!! People tell me that Mira is expected to protect the wounded, which really makes no sense for me. With Freed's Jutsu Shiki, who the hell can touch them a finger? It's no wonder that Mira is stronger than Natsu and Gray with her two newly-revealed Takeovers, but Makarov doesn't give a word for the reason in not choosing Mira. There must have been something wrong with Makarov- or rather- Mashima.

Now the battle between Sabertooth and Fairy Tail is rather clear: Natsu vs. Sting, Gajeel vs Rogue, Erza vs Minerva, Gray vs Rufus and Laxus vs Orga. It's ridiculous that the weaker in one team battles with the stronger in the other team, i.e. Laxus vs Orga. Let's see how Mashima could write those battles. Though I like (maybe liked) Rufus and Orga, but I truly hope their asses could be beaten by FT, because I love Gray and Laxus, lol. Anyway, I guess Fairy Tail would defeat Sabertooth thoroughly by defeating all their strongest members.

By the way, Rogue is still wearing no expression on his face in this chapter... I hope I could see his smile again.

PS: I forgot to mention. This chapter clearly suggests that in the last chapter, Minerva was waiting for the 5 minute limit to end.

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