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    It surprises me a bit that Wendy's hair color change from blue to pink when her dragon force is activated. Neither Natsu's nor Sting's hair color changed when their DF is activated, but Wendy did.

    Since in the next arc we would face the opponents that are much stronger than before, I guess Gajeel and/or Laxus might have to go DF as well. We haven't seen their DF form yet, so we can't tell if their hair color might change like Wendy's, but I surely hope so.

    So what hair color do you want to see on Laxus and Gajeel? Personally, I would like to see a blue/purple-haired Laxus and a silver-haired Gajeel. What do you think?

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    Among the 7 dragon slayers, 4 could activate DF by will (Edit: Laxus' and Cobra's DF are considered fake now).

    The last time Laxus activated (fake) DF is in the FF arc. He hasn't activated it ever since.

    The last time Cobra activated (fake) DF is in the OS arc. He hasn't activated it ever since.

    The last time sting and Rogue activated DF is in the 5th day of GMG arc. They haven't activated it ever since.

    A regular pattern. All those 4 dragon slayers can only activate DF (fake or real) by will when they were antagonists. None of them have shown that feat again when they act as protagonists.

    I often wonder why none of those dragon slayers activate DF when facing the real dragons. Now it can be explained.

    What do you think?

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    I hope you don't blame me for posting two blogs in two days. Anyway I have some guesses about Tempesta's Final Opponent, and I would like to know your opinions as well. And... I want to practice my English!!

    1. Seeing the storm magic of Tempesta, a best guess of his opponent would be the only wind mage in FT - Wendy.

    Estimated possibility: 10%

    2. Considering Wendy is rather weak to face a Kyuukimon alone, teaming up with Chelia is also a nice choice.

    Estimated possibility: 20%

    3. Wendy + Chelia is still nowhere near Laxus level. The Starry Key arc is likely to be canon now (seeing Cobra's appearance in manga) and the Oracion Seis will probably be released soon, there is a possibility that the two sky slayers teaming up with Erigor as well.


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    After reading Jak's comments I was totally convinced, so I decided to delete everything proved to be false

    The reason why Tartarus kills all Senate members, is probably because they're afraid of Etherion. All of the then-and-now Council members know how to cast Etherion, so they are killed. The same goes with Jellal and Ultear. Jellal has the power of a Wizard Saint, even if he can't handle the murderer he could still flee by using meteor. But Ultear has nothing now - so she is likely to be killed. As a result, Gray/Jellal/Meredy and everyone of FT would activate Nakama Bullshit Magic, which would be the magic most effective on demons.

    Sorry for my bad English. :/

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    According to the anime data leaked, the council members' names are:

    Mid-aged man with round sunglasses and upturned moustache: Reiji
    Old woman with silver hair and huge golden earrings: Noula
    Mid-aged man with gray hair and helmet on left shoulder: Babaraki
    Old witch-like woman with gray hair and pigtail: Lowen
    Mid-aged man with brown hair and an eyepatch on right eye: Shido

    Not to mention Org and Gran Doma. The rest two man are unnamed so far.

    Edit: the long-faced frogman with Nadal is called Serena.

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