"My name is Hisui E. Flore,The secret of the heartfilia family! will soon be open". I shall make my cousin Pay for what she done?. Hisui E. Flore 翡翠E.フロール is A dragon of the stars,but A princess of the Flore Kingdom Ecplise project 2- 1 Appearance-Chapter 304 " Appearance she looks like she could be Lucy twin,she has brown eyes and is A princess . But she lost her family when she was young, her mother all so told her about the one magjic.




age:33(deput 1)

Weight:46g(102 lbs)(2)

hair color:blond

Eye color:Brown

Blod type: BA

professional status

Affllation: Princess

Previous Affllation:Princess of Flore kingdom

realtive(s) layla heartfilia(aunt) lucy Heartfilia(cousin) Ruby E. Flore (sister of layla heartfilia,daughter of Hisui E. Flore) Half sister of yukino aguria,Father(?).

Ecplise project 2.

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