aka Carrie

  • I live in Fairy Hills
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Ice-Make mage
  • I am Female
  • MangaFangirl


    March 15, 2012 by MangaFangirl

    I need to know everyone's fears. For me I have coulrophobia(Fear of clowns), fear of reptiles and ghosts. Everyone has a fear and I wanna know what they are. Leave your answers in the comments below.

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  • MangaFangirl


    March 12, 2012 by MangaFangirl

    I don't know if its just me, but I think we need a Wendy Support badge. Not just that but I think we need a 'This user supports Levy McGarden and Gajeel Redfox and 'This user supports Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel. I think Rem will agree with the Wendy idea.

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  • MangaFangirl


    March 10, 2012 by MangaFangirl

    Anybody else believe in Serza (Simon x Erza) ther than me? Like, Simon really does LOVE Erza doesn't he. Of course, I respect Jerza but at least give some cred to Serza

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  • MangaFangirl


    February 24, 2012 by MangaFangirl

    I had the most brilliant idea yesterday! Why dont we make badges on this wiki like Kuroshitsuji wiki! Then we can really know who is the real god/goddess of the wiki.

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