Hello Everyone!! This is MalMal and I’m gonna make my first chapter review today! It was surprising though that the chapter was released earlier than I thought but anyways let get on with the review!

First of the Cover for me was cool, Laxus getting a mohawk hairstyle? Maybe he should consider that after this arc!! hahaha! xDD

So the chapter starts with Natsu and Rogue facing each other again and Rogue showing Natsu how the town is being destroyed by the dragons. The FT members on the ground are found to be okay after being attacked by the Atlas Fire Dragon then suddenly Makarov confronts the dragon and stating yet another thing that would be criticized or bashed by the nakama/friend-haters...hehehe...xDD..well anyways...But to what I think this haters would appreciate is Makarov being backfired by what he said. Makarov was not able to overpower the AF Dragon...hmm...maybe someone was right...there might be another casualty in this arc.

Meanwhile on to Team Sabertooth, It was revealed that what Sting and Rogue stated is only half true...they didn’t intentionally kill their dragons...Sting said that Weisslogia ordered him to do so while on Rogue’s part, his dragon ask for assisted suicide because he was ill...xDD But Orga doesn’t care and just ask them to do something....way to go you dependent bitch...hmmm. This part showed me that from the start Rogue and Sting were really not that badass but they just said that they kill their dragons just to show off to their oppas Natsu and Gajeel..xDD

Finally, skipping Rogue’s revelations(about Acnologia and them being weak), Natsu counters what F. Rogue said and he calls all the dragon slayers that they were born to kick the shit out of this F.Rogue face and send him to hell. He says there are 7 dragon slayers and there are seven dragons and ask each to have one dragon to confront. F.Rogue questions Natsu’s mathematical/counting ability but again Natsu pawned him again! So there will be seven dragon slayers; 1. Natsu, 2. Gajeel, 3. Wendy, 4. Laxus, 5. Sting, 6. Rogue and 7.....who’s this????WHAT!!!! COBRA’S BACK!!! Doranbolt and Lahar released him..oh yeah!! hope he will have an equal/fair amount of screentime with the others!! At least make 10-12 chapters for the battle between the dragons and the DS!!

But wait! where’s Jellal? Oh no! I hope he did not ask to exchange with Cobra’s place in prison...But I would not be suprised if he is indeed thrown back to jail again...

And that's it! Peace!

CHAPTER RATINGS:(Someone please tell me how I can make a table here)

STORY - 9/10
ART - 10/10
OVERALL - 9/10

Another great chapter for me!! It makes up for those little disappointments in the last chapter!

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