Yo people! This is no blog. This is voting blog! The blog that you vote which is better! It only comes in a special day you know.

                             Which is better?

My friends are all saying about which is best not best but really suitable together so they would stop fighting ok? Hope you can co-operation kay?

So some of the girls said Loki and Lucy. I agree with Lucy and Loki. They both start with letter L, and they really look good together! If you think they are good together say L or i mean write L.

My second vote is Lucy and Natsu. Those are me second voting. They are pretty good together but i still think Lucy and Loki. So if you think they make a good team and couple write N.

Last but no least Gray and Lucy. I don't think they match you know but they still in this voting contest. Nothing much to say about them so....if you think they are good put an L


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