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Alright everybody, today is the first day of the FTW Grand User Games. On the red corner, we have the pedo boy, Remnant13. He is known by many names. Next, on the blue corner, lies one of our admins here, guess who is he. That's right, it's the one and only.....*drum roll*...IamJakuhoRaikoben! He is known by the name Rai.
Today's challenge will not just be Rai and Rem,there will be....6 more participants joining us today, and those are...
Reli Vs. B j
Ultraprime Vs. Conza17
Shriniket Vs. Rouf
Now, let's start the challenge!

Topic: If these users were fighting, who do you think will win.
Remnant13 Vs. IamJakuhoRaikoben

The poll was created at 14:12 on June 16, 2012, and so far 59 people voted.

Rauleli Vs. B j

The poll was created at 14:13 on June 16, 2012, and so far 52 people voted.

Ultraprime Vs. Conza17

The poll was created at 14:12 on June 16, 2012, and so far 50 people voted.

Shriniket Vs. Rouf

The poll was created at 14:12 on June 16, 2012, and so far 39 people voted.

Pls vote wisely and the next 4 participants will proceed to the next round. Thank you.

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