Konichiwa, i really want to write something but i can't think of one so i would like to share a blog post about my first visit to this site. It may be boring but i hope you can just have some spear time to see what i wrote. I wrote it english so you can understand. Because i live in Japan and i can speak english and Japanese.

                      My First Visit To
          I'm CRAZY for ANIME! My favorite is Naruto, Bleach. But my most favorite anime guest it it's FAIRY TAIL. 
          But i only watch half way like episode 200. Cause my television spoiled. When i first watch Fairy Tail only then i decided to go and watch episode 1 of Fairy Tail. I can't find a video that is good.
          Until one day, my friend LOVES Fairy Tail too. She told me about this website. When i heard she told me, i was overjoy with all this talking. Then when i came back from school i faster open my laptop and see the website. Then i only knew it was just a wiki. I was hoping for a video.
          But then i saw a sign up button so i decided to just try this website for once. I suddenly got addicted to this site.
           Then my story finish here. Hope you guys enjoy it. BYE! Sayonara.

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