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Need help with anything? Feel free to visit Team Element Seven, an official wiki team that accepts any request. Simply drop a message on our talk page or to a talk page of any of our Mages and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Just remember to sign your posts with ~~~~ Thank you and Happy editing!

MagicalKey: All right everybody, I'm your host MagicalKey, right beside me is....oh wait nobody is beside me....Anyway, today we will have our first ever Fairy Tail Wikia Grand User Games!
Rules are simple

  • You can't nominate youself
  • You can only nominate 1 of your favorite user on this wiki
  • You must have 100 edits and above to vote
  • Place your vote by commenting, and if you wish to change your vote, please reply your new votes under your comment.

This are the first 15 users

  1. Reli
  2. Rem
  3. Ultra
  4. Yummy
  5. Niji
  6. Umnei
  7. Rina1230
  8. Miku
  9. Rouf
  10. Red
  11. Otabear
  12. Shriniket
  13. Rai
  14. B j
  15. Conza17

Votes are now: CLOSED

Wish all the participants good luck.

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