Konichiwa, ok i have to stop with the konichiwa right. OK anyway let's get started! Wohoo party rock!!!!!

An Annoying Friend I have a friend, he is weird and very scared of me. Who you ask? Don't worry you will know if you keep reading.

His name is................................"REMNANT13" Congratz on being the first person that got written in my blog. You don't get any prize but you get a congratz rite. Anyway, the reason i wrote him is because to thank him.

Time to thank him. When i go to his blog, i saw something really cool on his blog. So i decided to ask him. He make a deal with to don't kill him. So i have no choice to agree with him. He wrote me the code but i still don't understand you know. So i kept on asking, asking and asking until he is so kind to make it for me! YAY! He wrote the code then i type it. So now i get to see a great profile. Thx! Arigato gozaimaz.


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