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Ten wizard saints arc

Hi guys I know that there is an arc goin on rite now but im wondering if there will be a Ten wizard saints arc. If so then this is how i c it playing out.

kay,so one of the S class mages ( ex. Erza Laxus mirajane etc.) join the ten wizard saints.As they join the ten wizards they found out about the other ten wizard saints and there allaince 2 take out the magic council with out anyone finding out. So they blame it on the new Ten wizard saint from FT this will draw a problem since Guran said if the fairy tail guild did something else wrong he will take action. So there will possibly be a fight with guran probably with makarov since to me they seem perfect for each other in a fight if Guran can fight which is highly possible . The ten wizard saints will make a team of 8 called the "8 Magic Gods". They will attack different branches of the magic council,to bring down the whole magic council. To stop them makarov makes a team of 7 of his strongest members (including the new ten wizard saint) and jura to fight them.

I think after the arc ends the new ten wizard saint will leave because he or she doesn't want to deal with all the responsiblitie's

Hope you liked it :)

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