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  • Luffayking12

    Hi guys LK12 here i wanna talk about the Ten wizard saints and how strong they have gotten. From looking at jura there must have been improvements but the other thing is we have only seen like 4 (including makarov). Currently there is only 2 that we have seen since jellal and jose are now ex Ten wizard saints. Maybe these ten wizard saints that we haven't seen are evil. I would really like to see something like this they are trying to get to lumen histoire by electing a FT member to be one of the new Ten wizard saints and tricks he/she to find it. after they obtain the lumen histoire they pass it off to the ballam alliance so they can use it for the upcoming war Light team vs. ballam alliance and ten wizard saints!!!!!!!!!

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  • Luffayking12

    Hi guys I know that there is an arc goin on rite now but im wondering if there will be a Ten wizard saints arc. If so then this is how i c it playing out.

    kay,so one of the S class mages ( ex. Erza Laxus mirajane etc.) join the ten wizard saints.As they join the ten wizards they found out about the other ten wizard saints and there allaince 2 take out the magic council with out anyone finding out. So they blame it on the new Ten wizard saint from FT this will draw a problem since Guran said if the fairy tail guild did something else wrong he will take action. So there will possibly be a fight with guran probably with makarov since to me they seem perfect for each other in a fight if Guran can fight which is highly possible . The ten wizard …

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  • Luffayking12

    Laxus vs. Alexei

    June 2, 2012 by Luffayking12

    Hi guys its LK12 again, after reading fairy tail 285 I noticed how happy RT was that alexei got paired with laxus this forces me to think about the lacryma and iwan dreyar. But, this could be a good thing because laxus did train and probably better'd his dragon slayer skills so if he beats rt they will think twice tell me what you think :)

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  • Luffayking12


    April 7, 2012 by Luffayking12

    Hello FT lovers im Luffayking12 or LK12 for short. Today I wanna about dragon slayers an:d evolving. I got this crazy idea that all dragon slayers reach the peak of their powersand change ex.

    Natsu: sun dragon slayer Gajeel: diamond dragon slayer

    Laxus: light dragon slayer Those are examples its kind of like they surpassed their dragon teacher. This means that everything is enhanced even dragon force tell me what you think

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  • Luffayking12

    the creepy gremlin

    January 7, 2012 by Luffayking12

    hey guys i just read chapter 265 and i noticed the gremlin i think he has something to do with Raven tail. maybe a messanger or something else he could belong to the castle that wendy was talking about or he could be the king ( I know gremlin king :D). Or maybe the castle has something to do with the evil aura during the tournament theres something to think about . tell me what you think :)

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