Hey Mina,

I made this film review because I think it is stupid that I can´t find a proper film review on this movie so here it is guys. ENJOY!!!

Phoenix Priestess is the latest movie from the Fairy Tail series, that are written by the artist Hiro Mashima. I still don’t understand how he can come up with such amazing stories and that is why it is widely believed that he is a god of manga and anime. His manga and anime series ( Fairy Tail and Rave Master) are known all over the world and are being followed by millions of readers and fans. But we mustn’t forget that this amazing production was directed by the one and only Masaya Fujimori. The movie is a fantasy adventure drama. The film all revolves around friendship, fellowship and how you would do everything you can for the ones you love. Off course the voices of the Fairy Tail  members will be spoken by the same awesome cast. So don’t worry guys. The new recruit for the Fairy Tail movie is Aya Endou, who is also known for her outstanding voice-overs in other anime’s and her music albums with the band Plume, is in this movie Éclair, the girl that will bring everything into chaos.

Film poster for the movie

film poster of the amazing movie the phoenix priestess. you should really watch it

400 years ago in Fire village a ceremony to honour the great phoenix was horribly interrupted by another tribe. Arrows and spears went flying through the air and almost nobody survived, 1 half of the phoenix stone was saved from the malicious enemies. Now 400 years later Lucy meets Éclair, a girl who doesn’t have much memories of her past, and her companion Momon. Wendy, Carla, Happy, Natsu, Erza, Gray, Lucy and Éclair travel to Veronica near the Boundary Forest. But nothing is as it seems when Éclair gets attacked, by one of the henchman of Cream, the lord of Veronica, who already possesses one half of the phoenix stone. After a shocking revelation in the boundary forest, Éclair gets her memory back bit by bit and the things they get to know about the mysterious stone are cloaked in darkness and sadness. Nobody is save for the assassins of Veronica and a tremendous decision has to be made. Will the Fairy Tail guild bounce back once again, or will grief and sadness cover your heart.

Wall paper

wallpaper of the movie

The Phoenix Priestess is an amazing movie, you can even watch and fully understand it even if you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga. The movie is maybe not a blockbuster for the whole world, but for our little community the first Fairy Tail movie was an overnight sensation  ( you can better  say over minute sensation). This  movie is a great starter if want to join the otakou community. Guys I mean it please join so that we can dominate the world This movie gives a new point of view for the normal Fairy Tail watcher. There may be a lot of criticism and bad feedback but isn’t that always with anime, you shouldn’t believe the criticism of people who never even watched a single episode of anime.

Natsu and lucy

Nalu moment <3

I really need to say this again, this movie is the best  OVA that I have ever watched. Overall it pictures Fairy Tail at its best. This movie shows you how Fairy Tail really is: Friendship, how you need to fight for what you care about and overall you get the feels. This movie almost makes me feel like the Tartaros arc all over againg, sad and happy at the same time. So much FEELS :’( But GOOD FEELS  Mina this movie teaches you life Fairy Tail style so watch it and comment if below if you liked it. I really want to know your opinion

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