Hello Everyone and welcome back im sorry i created this blog so late but i had to blow off some steam first because this stupid ass Whore ---> Minerva is a Sadistic BITCH...Anywho you all voted on Yesterdays Batlle of (Post-TimeSkip)-LAXUS VS. Gildarts-(Pre-TimeSkip) and it ended with about 98% of your votes going to Gildarts BUT now we will have a DOUBLE Battle...

                          MATCH THREE
             (Post-TimeSkip)-BISCA VS. EVERGREEN-(Pre-TimeSkip)
X791 Bisca
Evergreen new

And for The SECOND Match we Have..

(Post-TimeSkip)-Millianna VS. Levy McGarden-(Post-TimeSkip)

Millianna GMG PP
Levy Anime 2

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