• Lucy Heartfilia (fairytail)

    Episode 109: Lucy Fire - "Rūshi Faia" (ルーシィファイア) After Cana has abandoned Lucy, she has to fend herself from Kain whose looks and personality should not be taken lightly. Throughout her battle and summoning Celestial spirits right and left, she bumps into Natsu. The old trio (including Happy) team up to take down Kain. Will Natsu, Lucy, and Happy be victorious against Kain Hikaru?

    Episode 110: Dead-End of Despair - "Zetsubō no Fukurokōji" (絶望の袋小路)

    Another battle is still brewing between Grimoire Heart and Fairy Tail, Juvia and Erza fight Meldy until Meldy talks smack about how Gray who has hurt Ultear. The enraged Juvia defends her lover's name by taking Meldy alone. Yet, Meldy has a few tricks on her sleeves with her lost magic. Juvia find…

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