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July 8, 2015
  • Lord Zeref Dragneel

    Is there anything or anyone that/who is more powerful than Fairy Heart?

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  • Lord Zeref Dragneel

    My list:

    1) Ankhseram 2) Prime Igneel 3) Acnologia 4) Zeref 5) E.N.D 6) Mavis 7) Hades (Devil's Eye) 8) Mard Geer (Etherious Form) 9) Celestial Spirit King 10) God Serena 11) Brandish 12) Azeal 13) Hyberion 14) Wolfheim 15) Warrod 16) Gildarts 17) Natsu (Dragon Force) 18) Laxus 19) Jellal 20) Jura 21) Makarov 22) Erza 23) Gray 24) Silver 25) Bluenote

    I know my list is not that good, that's why I'd like to see your lists.

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  • Lord Zeref Dragneel

    So in Future Lucy's timeline, the 10,000 dragons were released from the Eclipse Gate. My question is was Future Rogue the one who controlled those 10,000 dragons? If so, does that mean that in Future Lucy's timeline Rogue succeeds in his plan to kill Acnologia and became ruler of the world?

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