So after reading Chapter 403: Erza vs. Kyouka, I began to predict what would happen next in the next chapter. Suddenly I began to think about these strange things said in the previous chapter and now in the current chapter: (I'm going to try URLs because we can't use actual pictures)

Please connect the dots between Picture 1 and Picture 2

Picture 1: Please look at the bottem of this page

Picture 2: Please look at the next chapter title

My beloved brain thinks of these two moments in the Tartarus arc. Basically Mard Geer said that FACE activating will steal the Dragon's Life Force. Now my issue is that in today's chapter it is revealed that the next chapter's name will be "Chapter 404: 00:00" That means the timer will go off and steal all the magic BUT that also means that the Dragon's Life Force will fade along with it.

Basically Igneel is going to die along with Grandine, Metalicana, and ACNOLOGIA! (maybe even Weisslogia and Skiadrum) I mean I wanted Acnologia gone for awhile now, but not with the extra collat. being the Dragons

I hope I'm wrong but the evidence is far too clear here. Anyways, let's just discuss the matter until someone can prove me utterly wrong.

Lumin out!

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