Yeah, you see so many of these, I apologize. So we were discussing this on Raven's(FairyRaven) post about the Silver and Deliora complex in the current chapters. I was just theorizing this but I wanted to know what you all thought of this.

Apart of me says that Silver is pretending to be Deliora so Gray would take this fight more seriously. Otherwise i see no reason to understand why the chapter is called Gray vs. Silver when it should be Gray vs. Deliora. Also it seem kinda sketchy that a demon knows demon slaying magic, like a cliche thing..

Well Gray is almost losing this fight, think the best he could do was a cannon with rubble in it.. no more no less, he needs help otherwise if Gray can't compete with Silviora, then he can't take on Beast-Form Deliora. At this point Lyon nor Juvia can help him, because Silviora eats ice and he can definitely freeze water.. So I hope Gray doesn't use Iced Shell because that won't work

Don't get me wrong I like this plot twist Hiro gave. I'm still kinda suspicious about Silver=Deliora, anyone notices that in the last page of Chapter 391, Deliora refers to himself in third-person. Silver: "Remember the terror you felt in front of Deliora".(In both Mangapanda and MangaStream he refers to himself like this) If he is Deliora why is he referring to himself in third-person like that? Do you think Hiro is hinting at something i mean the part is called Father and Son(or Child depending on which translation you like more)

Up till now is what we've seen Deliora's personality? Visiting a grave, calling a random girl(Lisanna) a princess, helping the enemy? Are you sure, because it was implied he was a destructive and evil monster, does it make you wonder what is he really? Or what if Silver's mindstate is still there with Deliora(please don't tell me Silver is a weird perv who called random girls his princess..)

Anyways, sorry if this doesn't make sense to you, I tried to explain what I was thinking to the best of my ability. You can share your thoughts and theories here if you'd like(Also sorry if im not allowed to make a blog, you can delete this if you'd like mods)

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