So now that "Tartarus Arc Part 4: Father and Son" is over, its inevitable that END will revive somehow but the question remains is how? I'm asking everyone this because Mard Geer stated to Kyouka that they can't revive END because they don't have enough "curse power."

Now that can mean possibly so many things, but how will they get that curse power if we keep losing the Nine Demon Gates of Tartarus and all those other Etherius Demons, that could mean they could be losing curse power needed to revive END. But the question really is that how do they get curse power? I think curse power is coming from the death of the demons(mostly the NDG) otherwise how else?

Now I just wanted to throw this out there, what if curse power isn't coming from the demons that are being killed, then how are they how they're getting it, before this, when every Demon was alive why didn't they just revive END then? Was it because they still didn't have enough curse power? That makes you question it right? How do they get curse power...

Anyways if you have something to add on this feel free to share that I love a good theory and discussion, or if you think I'm wrong tell me why? But I would like to remind everyone this isn't a theory, I was just throwing out a question for everyone to think about.

Lumin out!

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