Well, since no one made a review yet, I'll just make one so I can read everyone's opinions.

In my opinion, I was okay with the chapter. It is revealed that Gajeel truly is alive, flesh and blood. Zera is only temporarily in the world again and will disappear as soon as Mavis remembers her. To be honest, I don't really care if they are alive, I'm just glad to see them in the manga again. Especially Zera, because she had such a powerful effect on Mavis. Although I thought it was quite funny that she still can't talk to people. I suppose that part of her isn't an illusion. (Also, that Gajeel blush xD)

Cover 491

We transition to Natsu, Lucy, and Happy meeting up with Gray, Juvia, and Erza however this is cut short by Irene taking down the guards and Arcadios in the castle. First of all, Arcadio is totally exaggerating how powerful Irene is compared to them. Realistically, Natsu could do the same against them too. Why are we acting like Irene is exceptionally powerful for defeating fodder? And then Irene turns Hisui isn't a mouse and torments King Fiore, expecting her to find Hisui disgusting. To be quite honest, I don't know what she expected to accomplish by doing this. Did she want to be amused by the King being horrible to his own daughter? That just makes Irene look bad, she doesn't need to be a sadist just because she's going against the heroes of the series. Irene then senses someone or something and uses her big eyes to spot scarlet hair, (Erza, unconscious.) We will get back to this.

Irene Eye

Irene is watching you sin, and she will punish you

Meanwhile, Fiore vs. Alvarez continues and fodder are going down in numbers. Heine and Juliet take down Droy and Nab and start acting big. Congratulations Heine, Juliet, you've accomplished absolutely nothing by beating fodder. They must be either super powerful or super arrogant if they think that beating Makarov or Mira will be easy. Well, I guess Mira isn't fighting a Spriggan 12 member.

Irene Squad joins the fray

They're here to talk out the fodder!

Now, at this point, most people theorized that the chapter title was for Irene and Erza (Mother and Child, respectively) however I really liked that Zera called Mavis the mother and the FT members her children. I really like that analogy for two reasons, because one, I'd like to think as one of the founders, Mavis really could be like the mother; and two, because Irene being Erza's mom is boring in my opinion.

Zera contacts the guild members

Protect Mom pls

I give chapter 7/10 because it was decent enough for me to read it.

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