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  • LordLuminous

    Well, since no one made a review yet, I'll just make one so I can read everyone's opinions.

    In my opinion, I was okay with the chapter. It is revealed that Gajeel truly is alive, flesh and blood. Zera is only temporarily in the world again and will disappear as soon as Mavis remembers her. To be honest, I don't really care if they are alive, I'm just glad to see them in the manga again. Especially Zera, because she had such a powerful effect on Mavis. Although I thought it was quite funny that she still can't talk to people. I suppose that part of her isn't an illusion. (Also, that Gajeel blush xD)

    We transition to Natsu, Lucy, and Happy meeting up with Gray, Juvia, and Erza however this is cut short by Irene taking down the guards and Arcad…

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  • LordLuminous

    Sorry, I probably shouldn't have made a blog for this, but I wanted to know what happened? Did you guys stop making it? Is it late? Or has this information already been given out and I just missed it?

    Well, sorry if this is a stupid question, I was just worried. But I seriously hope you guys haven't stopped, I actually like the Sorcerer Magazine.

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  • LordLuminous

    After reading Chapter 410 of Fairy Tail, which was well executed with Mard Geer's incredible strength. Natsu and Gray are "dead" for now. But how will they come back you might ask? Well to be honest I have multiple theories, but this one seems more probable than the rest. So here we go!

    Well for starters, I can honestly tell you there may be a HINT of Nakama Power in the next chapter because it's called Quid Pro Quo (Manga Stream Translation) which means: a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. Which I believe is going to Lumen Historie. Basically Lumen Historie will help Natsu and Gray become stronger and beat Mard Geer the King of the Underworld, hence the "Magna Carta" that limits his power or gets rid of him en…

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  • LordLuminous

    So after reading Chapter 403: Erza vs. Kyouka, I began to predict what would happen next in the next chapter. Suddenly I began to think about these strange things said in the previous chapter and now in the current chapter: (I'm going to try URLs because we can't use actual pictures)

    Please connect the dots between Picture 1 and Picture 2

    Picture 1: Please look at the bottem of this page

    Picture 2: Please look at the next chapter title

    My beloved brain thinks of these two moments in the Tartarus arc. Basically Mard Geer said that FACE activating will steal the Dragon's Life Force. Now my issue is that in today's chapter it is revealed that the next chapter's n…

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  • LordLuminous

    So now that "Tartarus Arc Part 4: Father and Son" is over, its inevitable that END will revive somehow but the question remains is how? I'm asking everyone this because Mard Geer stated to Kyouka that they can't revive END because they don't have enough "curse power."

    Now that can mean possibly so many things, but how will they get that curse power if we keep losing the Nine Demon Gates of Tartarus and all those other Etherius Demons, that could mean they could be losing curse power needed to revive END. But the question really is that how do they get curse power? I think curse power is coming from the death of the demons(mostly the NDG) otherwise how else?

    Now I just wanted to throw this out there, what if curse power isn't coming from the de…

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