Hi, Everyone!

I have followed this wiki anonymously for a long time. At this point let me add, that, as an outsider, I think you all are doing a great job, this wiki could be held as an example for all other wiki's out there. It is managed well, has all the information anybody could look for, and boasts a nice community to boot. Sadly, I think I won't be a long time contributer to the wiki, partly because I don't think you need one more egoistic know-it-all to tell you what you're doing wrong, partly because...

But enough of me trying to play nice with you. There is a serious reason I broke my silence: the utter incompetence of the reviewers concerning todays Chapter 355, "The Song of the Fairies". All of them missed the single most important point in the chapter, nay, the most important point in all manga history. Yeah, we have fanservice (go, Erza, go ಠ◡ಠ), yeah, we have nice jokes, yeah there is foreshadowing and all that yada-yada, but really, who cares?! Because, my Ladies and Ladies, this chapter Mashima gave us a shot about a broccoli being high as fuck and trying to act cool and shit.

So here it is, to Walrod Cken, the awesomest vegetable ever!

Cheers, Lord-sama

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