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  • Lord-sama

    Translator Groups

    March 23, 2015 by Lord-sama


    I've been wondering about this for quite a long time now, and I thought I will ask for your oppinions: out of the groups that translate Fairy Tail, which one do you prefer, and why?

    I am aware that a long-standing wiki like this one might've gone over this discussion a thousand times by now, so If there is some forum thread, or age-old blogpost where you discuss this, please, give me a heads up, and feel free to close/delete/purge/destroy this post. Thanks!^^

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  • Lord-sama

    Flower Power

    October 11, 2013 by Lord-sama

    Hi, Everyone!

    I have followed this wiki anonymously for a long time. At this point let me add, that, as an outsider, I think you all are doing a great job, this wiki could be held as an example for all other wiki's out there. It is managed well, has all the information anybody could look for, and boasts a nice community to boot. Sadly, I think I won't be a long time contributer to the wiki, partly because I don't think you need one more egoistic know-it-all to tell you what you're doing wrong, partly because...

    But enough of me trying to play nice with you. There is a serious reason I broke my silence: the utter incompetence of the reviewers concerning todays Chapter 355, "The Song of the Fairies". All of them missed the single most important…

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