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    Hi everyone! It's my first time making an episode review so please bear with me for now. :P


    The episode starts with Ophiuchus showing her true form, and mentioning that the entire Astral Spirytus is her body and everone's been battling inside her body the entire time. It also seems that the Fairy Tail guild battling with the Eclipse Celestial Spirits is also part of their entire plan, implying from when Ophiuchus said that "Everything is going exactly as we planned it."

    Next scene shows Gray, Juvia, Levy, Gajeel, Lily, Elfman, Mirajane, Cana, and Erza showing up on an unnamed place after their battle with the Spirits and closing their gates. Not really sure if it's still inside Astral Spirytus or what, but I think it's better for t…

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