aka yes i know my username is funny

  • I live in your mom's chest hair
  • My occupation is to ruin your life
  • I am a fucking unicorn
  • LiveWhileWereYoung

    Le Freshman :)

    December 22, 2012 by LiveWhileWereYoung

    Kokorochas:Ugh! a newbie -.-"

    Carrot: He copied everything about mdm

    Prime : get the hell out of here

    Red: Season's greetings my firend!

    Jakuho: Welcome to the wiki newbie >_>

    Fallen: Ugh! JENNY JENNY JENNY

    Minnie : STING STING Come to mama!

    Hi there everyone i know this is a bad idea since half of you know me but i want some to know me better ;)

    BTW! You can call me " Gal" Yep i know i know :P but iam not a gal xD Iam from the philippines, but soon to migrate in australia :D

    As you ca see iam a photographer :)) So expect me in chat linking random gifs, and pictures Iam also writing fanfics ^__^ The only anime i want is Fairy tail :) And iam originaly from glee wiki yep iam a gleek but a fairy tail fan at the same time

    iam also a fanboy of Erza ^__^…

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