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  • LionsLight

    Because MS's tl is unreliable as it is right now and IEatManga received a C&D order from Kodansha, I had my scan group pick up Fairy Tail starting from Chapter 226. If you're a cleaner/typesetter willing to work on either Ika Musume, Fairy Tail or Banana no Nana, feel free to contact me.

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  • LionsLight


    November 19, 2010 by LionsLight

    So what about them knives and daggers in the anime, eh?

    Karacka had his replaced with phasing magic.
    Lyon got by with a panther made of ice.
    Gemini!Ichiya got pain-inducing parfum instead.

    Any bets about how Racer's dagger is going to be censored? I'm personally guessing that's going to just use his hands to threaten Lyon.

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