Hello, I'm LightningKing but you can call me LK, King, Light or whatever, I don't care. Generally, I don't do reviews of Fairy Tail because usually, I dislike the chapters. However, this chapter was rather well written and felt like the first good chapter in a long time.

The chapter starts with Zeref dreaming about his experiences as a child. Mainly showing him at a very young age having his research rejected because it is considered 'taboo.' He quickly wakes up and starts talking to...somebody? If you can explain that, please do. He starts talking about how he developed a theory on how to bring people back to life using the R-system unfortunately, his research is again denied. However, he quickly starts working on a a time travelling door, Eclipse. His motives for this are explained as being his attempts to bring his dead brother back to life. Unfortunately, he has been expelled from the academy by the board of Directors. His Death magic kicks in which he reasons as a "curse from the gods" and kills everybody. He then talks about how conflicted he was in terms of being privileged enough to have an unlimited amount of days to work whilst also being a murderer. He goes on to say how he created demons to kill him but how none except for his last demon, E.N.D who had been fashioned out of the body of his younger brother could do so. He cuts the story short there and moves to meet with somebody.

He reveals this person to be Acnologia and basically discusses his mission and how he wanted to fight against him.

This chapter was very good. Like I said in the first paragraph, it felt like one of the first good chapters in a long time. It explained some of Zeref's backstory linking him with both Eclipse and the Tower of Heaven, revealed his mission, the reason behind the mission, the reason behind his immortality and death magic while simultaneously hyping us up for the next chapter. Overall, I would rate it a 9/10 while not flawless, it was extremely good. I hope Fairy Tail can stay at this level for more than one chapter.

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