Lex wa Kaiho

aka So sad

  • I live in in a trist place called switzerland.
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is playing violin, drawing and writing.
  • I am Hi. Good bye.
  • Lex wa Kaiho

    Hello hello boys, girls, Chaos, Umnei, its finally time for me to make a unimportant weekly/monthly contribution to the wikia. Toshi&Mdm abridge Fairy Tail, Jak has his sorcerer magazine and a lot of users give feeds to the manga or anime, I will supply all my subscribers with Gifs. How to subscribe? Well its easy. Just put your Sig here and you will get three funny Gifs on your talkpage every week on my time zone's wednesday. If you have any special wishes (no gory stuff Rem), than leave a message on my talkpage. Thanks a lot to everyone who will subscribe me.
    P.S. (a little foretaste)
    Kitty :3
    Okay guys, I will move my delivery to Saturday since I am very busy over the …

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  • Lex wa Kaiho

    Hello guys, I was wondering for a long while: What could Lumen Histoire be? I am really intrested in it would be nice if you give some productive answers and good ideas. Of course you can also make some jokes but dont spam them.

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