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  • LetTheRainFall

    So, this was an extremely scary episode. So, what went down? This.

    So, basically it starts off with a hoise containing Ichiya. he makes some crazy liquid (men) and spills it down the drain (men). After, we see Jet and fatty (Droy) going to see Levy ( no surprise there -_-). They are met by some crazy Ichiya dude (cousins?) but he only says "Meeen!" when,

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  • LetTheRainFall

    Hello! Chapter 426 titled Black Heart had Hiro Mashima's fans on one emotional rollercoaster or was that just me? Basically, we figure out that Gray isn't EVIL EVIL.... He's good-evil. Fueled by the dark markings (spreading?) on his body, Gray tells the rest of the Avatar guild he is only there after E.N.D., when they (Avatar Guild Members) Claimed there was a traitor among them. Also, we get to see Pantherlily, and Gajeel who are.... COUNCIL MEN! Sooo, basically now Gajeel is the new Lahar.... sigh. ( So, he's gonna ruin my ships to now? I give this chapter an 9/10, since we didn't get so levh. Bug, she ahould appear in the next chapter. (Too bad Hiro Mashima likes trolling us.) link title

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