Some possible things that FACE might do could include: 1. Face removes all magic permanently from the world, the demons kill all the Fairy Tail mages, and the series ends. 2. Face removes all magic permanently, but the Fairy Tail mages learn to live in a world without magic. 3. Face removes all magic, on a potentially permanent basis, but the Fairy Tail mages find a way to reverse the effect. 4. Face removes all magic, but only on a temporary basis. 5. Face removes some types of magic, but certain mages are able to continue their craft. 6. Face removes magic, but only in certain locations. The mages on the cube are the only wizards left who can use their magic. 7. Face does nothing - it was all a misconception. 8. Face does something, but it has nothing to do with magic removal (maybe it will force everybody in Fiore to start dancing.) 9. None of the above. What is your favorite theory?

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