It seems nobody here has reviewed the Blue Mistral comic (based on the adventures of Wendy from Fairy Tail) here. Somebody put a scanlation on Manga Panda yesterday. The story is so far is about Wendy going on her first real solo assignment, one which calls for only dragon slayers. She goes to a remote village and meets a young girl there about her age, who happens to have some magical ability, and learns that the people are worried that the spirit of a dragon is making people disappear. The village girls father was hurt by a disappearing reappearing bridge which goes to the Valley of the Dragons, and then Wendy and the girl are victims of the same bridge, but Carla and Wendy save the day, at which point the village girl realizes that Wendy is not some random girl wandering by herself but a Fairy Tail mage. So far I would describe the story as "cute", but who knows what future chapters will bring?

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