Have any of you guys noticed that for the Sun Village arc, and so far for the Tartoros arc, the nudity is significantly toned down compared to what was in the manga series? First, in the manga, the boys and girls meet together at the hot spring. The girls didn't intend to bath with the boys, but the tree guy uses a line about a little "skinship" being a good thing. Natsu washes Erza's back. In the anime, the girls are by themselves in the hotspring, and the boys are enjoying food and drink. In the manga, when Tartaros captures Erza, she is stripped naked. Then there are some scenes suggestive of tentacle rape. In the anime, she is wearing some clothes, and the tentacle monster doesn't get to play with Erza. In the manga, Natsu and Lisanna are stripped naked as well, and there is a lot of embarrassment as Natsu and Lisanna try to figure out how to work together to escape without Natsu getting too much of an eyeful. In a nod to decency, which is an early suggestion that Absolute Zero may not be absolutely evil, he tosses Lisanna a blanket. In the anime, they are both clothed, though Natsu has had his scarf taken away and is missing his vest. In order, it seems, to drop the same hint about Absolute Zero's character, he talks about how he is happy that Natsu was able to thaw Sun Village, even though he was the one who froze it. There seems to be two trends going on here. First, while some awkward situations/ suggestive humor has always had a place in Fairy Tail, Mashima has been using it more in the more recent episodes, I think. Also, except for filler episodes, the early Fairy Tail anime followed the manga fairly closely, but these recent episodes have made a number of deliberate changes from the manga - all consistently in the direction of toning down the sexually suggestive and nudity stuff. What do you guys think? Leland Davis

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