This is the second half of the second Fairy Tail light novel, After the Magic Games. So far, Natsu has discovered a small black creature which he has called Kemokemo, and he is taking him place to place as part of an assignment to learn about an ancient civilization, but in the process, meets many other wizards, and is on a train to go to the ruins of this civilization with Kemokemo, his usual sidekicks, and other wizards. 5. After helping Erza with her hair, the mages from Mermaid Heel dress and do up Natsu and Grey as girls. Natsu is not very happy, but on the train, he is somewhat not feeling well because of his usual motion sickness problems. There is discussion about Kemokemo, and whether it is suitable for Natsu to raise him. They leave the train, and have an encounter with a large fish creature. Natsu, who is still dressed as a girl, gets the hem of his long skirt caught on fire. Lucy summons Sagittarius. The mages take the fish creature down. A little girl thanks them, and Happy speculates as to whether the fish creature is edible. 6. They come to a place flanked by stone dog statues. There is music and the smell of liquor. They encounter Bacchus, who tells Natsu that Kemokemo is not a dog. Bacchus wants a bit of a match with Natsu. 7. They learn that Kemokemo is more like a bird. Sting and Rogue join the group. They go to some ruins. Natsu puts his head to the floor and hears a heartbeat. A large creature shows up. 8. Wendy takes a tumble, and is helped up. Aquarius is summoned, and the group sees a large creature above them. Gray gets in on the action. Kemokemo has become very big - gigantic. The situation is stabilized. 9. Kemokemo speaks! He tells Natsu to leave him behind, because he has become big, among other things, and that that place is where he belongs. Natsu becomes upset and tries to argue with him. Kemokemo thanks Natsu profusely for all he has done for him. Lucy and the others (including Sting and Rogue), with great effort, convince Natsu to leave. People try to cheer up Natsu, who is sad. He pledges to meet Kemokemo again. Epilogue The Fairy Tail members return home. Natsu plants a seed by his house in memory of Kemokemo. Comments: This story takes place right after the magic games. As it is in the requisite period of time, those of you speculating about material for a filler arc in the anime series might consider the possibility that this plot could be used in an anime arc. This story seems to have been written to introduce people to nearly all the major characters of the Fairy Tail series, however, I suspect most of the people who enjoy this book will already be fans of the series. I think that this series does better for evoking humorous situations than in evoking a sense of adventure. As I have said before, my Japanese is crap, so I may not have gotten all the details. Sorry for that. However, for anybody else here who knows a little Japanese, the language seems to be written at the same level as the manga series. And no, I have not found the book in English.

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