This is the second of the light novels about Fairy Tail which have been published, and it came out in July. So far, we have a prologue. Here, Natsu and Lucy, accompanied by Happy, encounter a large crocodile. Lucy summons Capricorn, and Capricorn and Lucy take the crocodile down. The prologue seems to serve mainly to introduce a couple few of the characters to those who may not be familiar with Fairy Tail. In the first chapter (the chapters are called "scenes" in this book), Natsu gets hit in the face with a large egg falling from the sky, which they take back to the guild hall in Magnolia. Natsu and Lucy enquire of Mira of several guild members who are out on jobs and the like. Natsu goes to his home, along with the members of team Natsu (Lucy, Erza, Lucy, Gray, Happy). The egg hatches, and out comes a four legged black creature. They take it back to the guild hall. In the second chapter, Macao and Makarov are present, and the "can I keep it" discussion ensues. People think of the creature as a dog (but in a drawing in the book, it doesn't look like any dog I have actually seen.) Natsu insists that the creature is family, and keeps it. The creature is named Kemokemo. Somebody official comes to the guild hall to talk about business, and then team Natsu plus Wendy and Charla are off again. In the third chapter, they take a train. They arrive at their destination, at Blue Pegasus, and are greeted at the station and taken to the guild building, where they are shown their rooms. They offload their cargo, and get dressed up (apparently, when staying with Blue Pegasus, a suit and tie is considered everyday attire.) They sit on a sofa near a table. Jason comes and interviews the people from Fairy Tail. In the fourth chapter, members from Lamia Scale also arrive at Blue Pegasus, including Obaba and Jura. (And later in the chapter, we find out Lyon is there also.) Various members of Blue Pegasus are of course also in the vicinity. Obaba is doing most of the speaking, and produces a letter with a request, and some ancient writing that the people present cannot immediately understand. Jura brings a dictionary, and they set to work trying to decipher the writing. There is a picture also of a treasure mountain. Apparently, this ancient writing is an artifact of an ancient civilization. After Natsu makes an accidental discovery, they are off on a train again. I will talk to you guys about the rest of the book after I have finished reading it. Unfortunately, my command of the language is poor, and I feel like Jura trying to decipher ancient writings.

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